RTI Health Solutions an Official Facilitator for Medtech Early Technical Assessment (META) Tool

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RTI Health Solutions (RTI-HS) is pleased to announce that we are a certified facilitator for the Medtech Early Technical Assessment (META) tool developed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). META tool is an online platform designed to provide a budget-friendly value assessment and evidence gap analysis for medtech companies seeking market access for their products.

The tool was developed to be a high-level evidence-gap analysis tool for medical device, diagnostic, or digital health developers from a payer perspective. 

As a META tool facilitator, we can use this tool to help medtech developers understand whether a product has sufficient clinical and economic evidence to support its case for efficacy, safety, and affordability when compared with the current standard of care.  Moreover, it helps identify if any further evidence is needed to make a convincing case to payers. 

How META Works

Medtech developers can access the tool via the NICE website, choose RTI-HS as their facilitator, and complete a structured questionnaire. Our META tool certified researchers will evaluate the information provided and schedule a discussion to deliver a customized report and discuss any data gaps that are uncovered.

What META Does Not Do

META tool provides a gap analysis only – red flags showing where evidence collection was not robust.

It is not designed to

  • Provide scientific advice on plans for future studies
  • Act as an action plan
  • Endorse the product for potential investors.

Additional Research or Consulting Services

Liesl Gildea, Senior Associate in Market Access and Outcomes Strategy at RTI-HS, points out, “While the META toolis not intended to provide advice or an action plan, clients may choose to contract with us for additional research or consulting services to help them address their gaps. We have an experienced, cross-collaborative team of experts available to help build a stronger case for approval–from systematic literature reviews and payer pricing research to health economics and market access strategic planning.” Reach out to one of our experts to learn if using META tool is right for your product.