Patrick Murphy, BS

Senior Director, Data Management
Patrick Murphy
Practice Area:
Headquarters - Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA

BS, Chemical Engineering
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Patrick Murphy is Senior Director of Data Management at RTI-HS. He has extensive experience developing and maintaining clinical database management environments that are compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and Good Clinical Practices. Mr. Murphy has personally led the 21 CFR Part 11 validation of many clinical database systems, including Clintrial, OpenClinica, and systems developed by contractors under his supervision. In addition to maintaining a regulated clinical database management environment, he has provided on-site data management support to observational studies and clinical trials implemented in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, England, Mali, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, India, Viet Nam, China, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Mr. Murphy has served as the Data Management Manager of three National Institutes of Health (NIH) Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (DMID) networks: the International Clinical Support Services Center, the Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinical Trials Group, and the South East Asia Influenza Clinical Research Network. He has developed and delivered comprehensive data management trainings to over 100 data managers worldwide. Mr. Murphy has a total of 24 years of health-based research data management experience, plus 10 years of experience as a chemical engineer supporting the development of US Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Mr. Murphy has been responsible over 100 clinical trials and behavioral/survey studies, including many multicountry HIV phase 2/3 clinical trials.