Marco Boeri, PhD

Senior Economist
Marco Boeri
Practice Area:
Therapeutic Expertise:
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

PhD, Environmental Economics
Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching (PGCHET)
Queen's University Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom

MS, Economics
BA, Economics
University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

Marco Boeri, PhD, is a Senior Research Economist at RTI-HS. Dr. Boeri was previously lecturer in Environmental Economics and has 10 years of experience in preference assessment in environmental and health economics and 2 years of experience in private financial sector in Marketing. Dr. Boeri has extensive knowledge and experience in experimental design, survey development and modelling data from discrete choice studies in health, food and environmental economics. His research focusses on comparing different and innovating preference analysis methods (i.e., regret minimization vs. utility maximization or structural choice modelling) at individual and household level. He has co-authored the first applications of the Random Regret Minimization model in both environmental and health economics and he has published in several applied economics journals across different disciplines including Pharmacoeconomics, Journal of Health Economics, Social Science and Medicine, Value in Health, Medical Decision Making, Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Resource Economics, Energy Economics, Transportation Research Part A, and the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, demonstrating the applicability of his methodological tool at top levels in different topics and fields.

Dr. Marco Boeri is interested in environmental and resource economics, health economics, energy economics, micro-econometrics, non-market valuation, choice experiments, preference analysis: regret minimization versus utility maximization, and consumer behavior.