Emily Moss, BA

Senior Evidence-based Medicine Specialist

Practice Area
Office Location
Manchester, United Kingdom

BA, Economics and Politics
University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Emily Moss is a Senior Evidence-Based Medicine Researcher in the Data Analytics and Design Strategy team at RTI-HS in the Manchester, UK office. Ms. Moss initially joined RTI Health Solutions as a Health Economics Intern in 2012. She has experience assisting with cost-effectiveness and budget-impact models and systematic literature reviews. Ms. Moss rejoined RTI in 2015 and works primarily on both economic and clinical systematic literature reviews. Ms. Moss has been involved in projects in a range of therapeutic areas, with a special interest in rare diseases including spinal muscular atrophy, eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis, and cluster headache.  Ms. Moss has several years of experience managing and leading systematic literature review projects, including in economic burden of kidney graft loss, in prurigo nodularis, and in HER2- breast cancer. Ms. Moss also conducts both targeted and systematic literature reviews to identify data sources for future research activities, and conducts the associated feasibility assessments on the data sources.  Ms. Moss has also presented to colleagues in the US HE office on translating US costs into UK NHS costs. 

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