Cynthia Macahilig, MA

Executive Vice President, Research Operations, MDA

MA, Communications Research
BA, Mass Communications
University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines

Cynthia Macahilig, MA, is Executive Vice President, Research Operations of Medical Data Analytics, an RTI Health Solutions business. She is a career researcher with over 40 years of experience in conducting research (Rx and OTC) employing virtually all types of research methods/designs, with the last 25 years devoted in the conduct of retrospective and prospective medical chart reviews, with and without a patient reported outcomes component. Her in-depth research experience includes study design, methodology, data analysis, and forecasting involving multiple therapeutic areas, patient populations, treatment settings, and physician specialties. She has successfully directed numerous US and international studies in areas that include oncology, solid organ transplantation, rare autoimmune diseases, blood disorders, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic disorders, anti-infectives, and CNS. She spearheaded the largest syndicated US and EU solid organ transplant database, a 10-year longitudinal patient chart study that generated data used by major pharmaceutical companies. She has extensive experience in all phases of qualitative and quantitative research methods and in all aspects of operations and analysis and has co-authored numerous research papers published in peer reviewed journals.