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Balp M, Abuzakouk M, Berard F, Canonica GW, Gimenez-Arnau A, Hollis K, Khalil S, Knulst A, Lacour J, Lynde C, Marsland A, Maurer M, McBride D, Nakonechna A, Ortiz De Frutoz FJ, Oude Elberink J, Proctor C, Sussman G, Weller K, Grattan C. Comparison of direct healthcare costs associated with chronic spontaneous/idiopathic urticaria in 7 countries - results from the ASSURE-CSU study. Poster presented at the ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress; November 1, 2016. Vienna, Austria. [abstract] Value Health. 2016 Nov; 19(7):A565.