Jick SS, Kaye JA, Vasilakis-Scaramozza C, Garcia Rodriguez LA, Ruigómez A, Meier CR, Schlenger RG, Black C, Jick H. Validity of the General Practice Research Database. Pharmacotherapy. 2003 May;23(5):686-9.

The United KingdomGeneral PracticeResearchDatabase(GPRD) is an office-based, computer-generated, medical resource designed from its inception to be used for epidemiologicresearch. A distinct version of the GPRD is maintained by the Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program and has been the source of more than 130 scientific articles primarily addressing drug safety issues. We reviewed evidence related to thevalidityof the GPRD. Specifically, with our extensive experience with this automateddatabase, we evaluated the quality and completeness of the data that it contains.

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