Lorenzo M, Brown J, Kurosky S, Ajmera MR, Kaye JA. Resource use and associated costs for metastatic squamous non-small cell lung cancer (SQ NSCLC) patients: a retrospective chart review in select European countries. Poster presented at the 2016 ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress; November 2, 2016. Vienna, Austria. [abstract] Value Health. 2016 Nov; 19(7):A755.

OBJECTIVES: To describe resource use and associated health care costs following a diagnosis of metastatic Sq NSCLC for patients in the United Kingdom (UK), Spain (SP), Germany (GE) and France (FR).

METHODS: A retrospective review of medical records of patients aged ≥18 years with metastatic Sq NSCLC diagnosed from Jan 2010 to Jan 2014 was conducted. Eligible patients had completed/stopped at least first-line platinum-based chemotherapy regimen and maintenance therapy (if received) in the metastatic setting. Sq NSCLC-related costs (visits and treatment) were estimated by applying unit costs to resources used.

RESULTS: A total of 203, 207, 204, 204 patients were included in the UK, SP, GE, and FR, respectively. Over 80% were male and the median age at metastatic diagnosis ranged from 57.0 years in GE to 70.5 years in the UK. During systemic treatment, most patients had one or more outpatient visits (OP) unrelated to chemotherapy administration (130 (69.5%), 124 (75.2%), 108 (65.1%), 119 (70.0%)) in UK, SP, GE, and FR, respectively. Substantial numbers of patients had at least one visit to an emergency department (75 (37.0%), 111 (53.6%), 5 (2.5%), 61 (29.9%)) or were hospitalized (54 (26.6%), 45 (21.7%), 47 (23.0%), 91 (44.6%)) in UK, SP, GE, and FR. The total mean (SD) health care costs during active treatment were £11009 (£5824), €18115 (€16197), €11285 (€5344) and €40079 (€62715) in UK, SP, GE and FR, respectively. In all countries, the largest healthcare costs were chemotherapy, hospitalizations, and OP. The resource use associated with the greatest costs differed by country (chemotherapy in UK and GE; hospitalizations in FR, and OP in SP).

CONCLUSIONS: Patients with Sq NSCLC have high healthcare utilization while receiving active treatment. Healthcare costs are driven by the cost of chemotherapy and healthcare visits (inpatient and outpatient). Use of major resources varied among countries.

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