Subramanian D, Szwarcensztein K, Mauskopf JA, Slack MC. Rate, type, and cost of pelvic organ prolapse surgery in Germany, France, and England. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. 2009 Jun 1;144(2):177-81.

OBJECTIVE: To estimate the rate, type and costs of surgical interventions for pelvic organ prolapse (POP) in Germany, France, and England.

STUDY DESIGN: We identified the number, rate, and type of hospital admissions for pelvic floor surgery in 2005 from national hospital activity databases in each country: the German Hospital Episode, the French Medical Care Program Information System, and the National Health Service England Hospital Episode Statistics. Costs to the payer were estimated using the Diagnosis-Related Group reimbursement rates for each country.

RESULTS: In 2005, the number (rate) of admissions for POP surgery was 36,854 (0.87 per 1000 women) in Germany, 36,679 (1.14 per 1000 women) in France, and 28,959 (1.13 per 1000 women) in England. Admissions for POP surgery constituted 10.4%, 16.7% and 16.9% of all admissions for female genital tract therapeutic interventions in Germany, France and England, respectively. At least 20% of hysterectomies were performed for the primary indication of POP. 57.4%, 45.0%, and 40.1% of all admissions for POP surgery included a hysterectomy. The costs to payers were 144,236,557 euro, 83,067,825 euro, and 81,030,907 euro in Germany, France, and England, respectively.

CONCLUSION: Burden and costs associated with POP surgery are substantial in the three countries studied. Thus, programs aimed at reducing the burden of this disease are desirable.

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