Chia-Cheng Lai E, Pratt N, Shin J-Y, Huang W-T, Trifiro G, Ritchey MB. Post-market surveillance of medicines, vaccines and medical devices across the Asia-Pacific region: the next 10 years. Presented at the ACPE 2019 ISPE’s 12th Asian Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology and 25th Janpanese Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology Joint Meeting; October 13, 2019. Kyoto, Japan.

The Asian Pharmacoepidemiology Network (AsPEN) has been established for 10 years. We have developed a data research network of over 8 different Asian countries covering over 1.7 billion patients. Multi-database pharmacoepidemiologic studies are actively ongoing to identify issues specific to Asian populations, including identifying variations across regions in utilization, safety and effectiveness of medicines.

For the past 10 years, AsPEN studies have mainly focused on medications while more recently we are collaborating with other networks and SIGs. Together with the Vaccine SIG, we have successfully completed a joint survey study on the availability of database in Asia-Pacific regions for vaccine safety surveillance. AsPEN has also widened the collaboration with Biologics and Medical Device SIG to address the issues about the safety and effectiveness of biologic agents and medical devices. Expanding the scope of research undertaken by AsPEN through collaboration with other SIGs and networks to bring different expertise and experience into AsPEN will be our goal in the next ten years. Previous works and successes in demonstrating the feasibility of network studies across the Asia-Pacific region provides a strong foundation for future collaborations with different SIGs and networks.

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