Hollin IL, Wamble D, Seidman J. The patient perspective and value assessment: easy to identify the need, hard to agree on the solution. Presented at the ISPOR 23rd Annual International Meeting; May 23, 2018. Baltimore, MD.

OVERVIEW: Value assessment frameworks are becoming a tool increasingly used by decision-makers to evaluate the use of healthcare services. It is widely accepted that value assessment, an already complex pursuit, is complicated further by the inclusion of the patient perspective. Many argue that for value assessment tools to achieve maximum utility they should incorporate the patient point-of-view. Few agree, however, on the best way to achieve this goal. The list of challenges in doing so are long and include reconciling individual preferences and needs with population-level decision-making, accounting for long-term benefits on a short-term time horizon, and acknowledging indirect benefits in a healthcare system perspective that only reap the rewards for clinical benefits. Lack of consensus about the right approach puts us at risk for ignoring patient perspectives altogether. Continual debate as well as trial and error are necessary to ensure forward movement. This panel, with participation from the audience, will attempt to answer the question about what aspects of the patient perspective should be included in value assessment frameworks and how to best incorporate them.

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