Kaye JA, Warhol MJ, Kretschmar C, Landsberg L, Frei E 3rd. Neuroblastoma in adults. Three case reports and a review of the literature. Cancer. 1986 Sep 1;58(5):1149-57. doi: 3.0.co;2-3">10.1002/1097-0142(19860901)58:5<1149::aid-cncr2820580529>3.0.co;2-3

Three adult patients with neuroblastoma have been treated recently at the Dana‐Farber Cancer Institute. One adult neuroblastoma patient experienced two distinct paraneoplastic syndromes that have not been reported previously in association with neuroblastoma. The clinical data on our three patients are presented in detail and the important features of 27 cases that have been described in the literature are summarized. This study suggests that the distribution of primary neuroblastoma sites in adults is similar to that seen in pediatric cases but that the natural history of the disease may be longer. Furthermore, this study suggests that neuroblastoma in adults may be less sensitive to chemotherapy than is the childhood disease.

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