Bateman B, Hernandez-Diaz S, Huybrechts K, Margulis A, Reefhuis J. Modern pregnancy pharmacoepidemiology: minimizing biases in various study designs. Presented at the 34th Annual ICPE Conference; August 23, 2018. Prague, Czech Republic.

In this half day course, students will be presented the various study designs that are used in research on drug safety in pregnancy. For each of the study designs, challenges with respect to the valid measurement of exposures, outcomes and confounding will be discussed, along with proposed solutions to minimize bias.

The course will consist of four presentations by faculty, with an interactive approach using mobile technology to engage course participants in the discussion. One publication illustrative of each study design will be proposed as pre-reading materials for course registrants a few weeks before the conference.

The content of this course has changed from previous years. In 2015, the course provided an overview of issues that are particular to drug safety research in pregnancy. In 2016, the course focused on challenges related to exposure measurement, and in 2017 the focus was on maternal and neonatal outcomes. This year, the focus will be on study designs, their challenges and solutions.

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