Cates SC, Kosa KM, Moore CM, Jaykus LA, Ten Eyck TA, Cowen P. Listeriosis prevention for older adults: effective messages and delivery methods. Educational gerontology. 2007 Jun;33(7):587-606.

Individuals aged 60 years and older are at an increased risk for listeriosis and other foodborne illnesses. They can reduce their risk by following recommended food safety practices. A total of 8 focus groups were conducted to characterize older adults' food safety knowledge and practices, their impressions of educational materials on listeriosis prevention, barriers to adopting the recommended practices, and preferred delivery methods. Participants were not aware of listeriosis and recommended practices for listeriosis prevention. Adoption of the recommended practices was not widespread following exposure to the educational materials. This study identified the need to reach older adults with information on listeriosis prevention.

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