Lentz K, Moss MA, Sanchez-Bryson I. Lean lawyering: an introduction to process improvement. Presented at the Half-Day Seminar on Lean Lawyering: An Introduction to Process Improvement; March 23, 2018. Lansing, MI.

Law firms, legal departments, courts, legal aid, and other law-related entities could realize more consistent, high-quality services, increased efficiency, improved communication and collaboration, and reduced costs by analyzing and improving their business processes. This program will give you the opportunity to get your process improvement feet wet and learn by doing. Process improvement is particularly important when using technology to automate processes. If the process is inefficient to begin with, technology cannot “fix” it. This program will give you the opportunity to interact with several Florida public-interest lawyers who have recently incorporated process improvement into differing aspects of their practice and operations and are beginning to see results. They will share the nuts and bolts of their experiences and teach basic principles from their real-world perspectives. Then it will be your turn to learn by doing!

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