Mangel AW, Brazer SR, Smith JW, Fitz JG, Taylor IL. Inhibition of colonic motility by cholecystokinin. Ann Med. 1992 Oct;24(5):341-2.

Distalcolonicmotor activity was measured in 12 control subjects and seven constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome patients to examine the effects of intravenous administration ofcholecystokinin. In the basal state, no significantmotilitydifferences were noted between these two groups. Following the intravenous administration of the hormonecholecystokinin, a statistically significant reduction incolonicmotilityin control subjects and a non-significant decrease inmotilityin irritable bowel syndrome patients was seen. Our results do not suggest an exaggeration of thecolonicmotor response tocholecystokininoccurs in irritable bowel syndrome.

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