Sorensen HT, Steffensen FH, Sabroe S, Rothman KJ, Gillman MW, Fischer P. Historical cohort study of in utero exposure to uterotonic drugs and cognitive function in young adult life. West J Med. 1999 Jan 1;170(5):260-2.

OBJECTIVE: To examine whether in utero exposure to uterotonic drugs effects cognitive performance in draft-age men.

DESIGN: Historical cohort study based on birth registry data and cognitive function measured during evaluations for military service.

SUBJECTS: 4300 Danish conscripts born between 1973 and 1975.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: MEAN SCORE IN THE BOERGE PRIEN TEST OF COGNITIVE FUNCTION: score is the number of correct answers to 78 questions and correlates with the full scale intelligence quotient.

RESULTS: The mean Boerge Prien score was similar for those exposed (n=1011) to uterotonic drugs and those not exposed (n=3289), 43.1 versus 42.9 after adjustment for confounders.

CONCLUSION: Our data indicate that exposure to uterotonic drugs does not affect cognitive function 20 years later.

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