Schacht A, Boeri M, Mt-Isa S, Hauber B, Saure D. EFSPI/PSI Webinar: Do you understand the patient point of view on benefit-risk tradeoffs? Introduction and case studies of stated preference elicitation methods. Presented at the 2019 PSI Conference; November 20, 2018.

Do you know what patients value most in a treatment you are developing to reassure that they would best benefit from the drug, having considered what is important to them? For example, if a patient had to choose between a highly effective drug with a bad side effect profile and a less effective drug with minimal side effects, which would they choose? Rooted in traditional economic theory, stated-preference methods can help achieve a better understanding of the patient view point on benefit risk tradeoffs. This webinar proposes a short primer on stated preference methods and how they can be used to explore the patient preferences for specific drug profiles that are currently available or may be developed in the near future. The theory will be then discussed as applied to two case studies using quantitative preference methods.

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