Whalley D, Petigara T, Rasouliyan L, Tobe K, Tunceli K. Early patient experiences with montelukast orally disintegrating tablets in Japan: a cross-sectional survey of treatment satisfaction in patients with asthma and/or allergic rhinitis. Curr Med Res Opin. 2017 Feb;33(2):215-23. doi: 10.1080/03007995.2016.1251891

OBJECTIVE: Orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) offer a valuable treatment option, particularly when swallowing solid tablets with water is difficult or inconvenient. Montelukast is an effective treatment for asthma and allergic rhinitis (AR), and an ODT formulation became available in Japan in 2015. This study investigated levels of satisfaction with this new formulation among adults with asthma and/or AR in Japan.

METHODS: Patients aged 20 years or older who were refilling a prescription for montelukast ODT in pharmacies across Japan completed questions on satisfaction with key features of montelukast ODT and the 9-item Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire for Medication (TSQM-9). Study variables were analyzed descriptively. Factors associated with TSQM-9 global satisfaction and convenience domain scores were examined using analysis of covariance.

RESULTS: Of the 201 patients who participated, 89.6% reported overall satisfaction with montelukast ODT. Overall satisfaction was highest in patients with AR only (94.7% satisfied) or with asthma and AR (90.2% satisfied), and in patients with treatment duration <4 weeks (98.5% satisfied). Mean TSQM-9 global satisfaction and convenience domain scores were 58.9 and 66.7, respectively; scores were higher for patients with both asthma and AR and for those with longer disease duration. Overall ease of taking and dissolving speed were most closely associated with TSQM-9 global satisfaction scores, and ability to take without water and taste were most closely associated with TSQM-9 convenience scores.

LIMITATIONS: The generalizability of the findings was limited by the convenience sample and the descriptive, single-arm study design. The study was limited to adults with asthma and/or AR.

CONCLUSION: Montelukast ODT may be an acceptable dosage formulation for adults with mild-to-moderate asthma and/or AR in Japan. Satisfaction was high, particularly with respect to tablet size, dissolving speed, taste, and ease of taking.

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