Rausch D, Levin MJ, Meyers JL, Candrilli SD, Yan S, Krishnarajah G, Patterson B. Cost of herpes zoster and related complications in patients with immunocompromising conditions aged ≥50 years: a US insurance claims data analysis. Presented at the AAFP Family Medicine Experience; September 2017. San Antonio, TX.

OBJECTIVE: This analysis (GSK study identifier: HO-15-15772) assessed costs associated with diagnosed herpes zoster (HZ) and HZ-related complications among patients with and without immunocompromising conditions (IC).

  Patients with a diagnosis of HZ were selected from the Truven Health MarketScan Research Database. IC patients ≥50 years old were identified and matched up to 1:5 with controls. Healthcare costs were assessed in the 1-year post-index date and multivariable regression models of costs controlled for demographics, pre-index date costs, and comorbidities, with post-hoc multivariable models using a narrowed definition of ophthalmic complications.

RESULTS: A total of 172,536 patients (30,017 immunocompromised) with HZ were matched to 471,782 persons (113,875 immunocompromised) without HZ. IC patients with HZ accrued $3,879 more in costs versus controls, while patients with HZ without an IC accrued $2,564 more in costs versus controls. Adjusted annual costs among IC patients were approximately the same among patients with and without HZ. IC patients with HZ and a complication accrued $1,607 more in adjusted costs than IC patients with HZ without a complication.

CONCLUSIONS: HZ is associated with substantial healthcare costs which are disproportionately high among IC patients. Furthermore, complications of HZ in IC patients contribute significantly to these additional costs.

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