Basavappa S, Liddle RA, Mangel AW. Characterization of ATP-sensitive potassium channels in an intestinal, cholecystokinin secreting cell. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1994 Oct 28;204(2):855-60.

In the present study, the electrophysiologic properties ofATP-sensitivepotassiumchannelswere evaluated in anintestinal,cholecystokinin-secretingcell line (STC-1).Channelswere operative under basal conditions and, in cell-attached membrane patches, channel activity was decreased by glucose or disopyramide, agents which classically inhibitATP-sensitivepotassiumchannels. Channel activity was increased by the KATP channel opener, diazoxide.IntestinalATP-sensitivepotassiumchannelsappear to behave in a similar manner to those found in cardiac and pancreatic beta cells.

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