Liu Y, Musetti S, Huang L. Gene therapy with plasmid DNA. In: Abraham, DJ, Myers M, editors. Burger's medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and development. 8th ed. Hoboken: NJ. Wiley; 2021.

The newly revised eighth edition of the eight-volume Burger’s Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Development is the latest installment in this celebrated series covering the entirety of the drug development and discovery process. With the addition of expert editors in each subject area, this eight-volume set adds 35 chapters to the extensive existing chapters. New additions include analyses of opioid addiction treatments, antibody and gene therapy for cancer, blood-brain barrier, HIV treatments, and industrial-academic collaboration structures. Along with the incorporation of practical material on drug hunting, the set features sections on drug discovery, drug development, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, immunology, cancer, anti-Infectives, and CNS disorders. The text continues the legacy of previous volumes in the series by providing recognized, renowned, authoritative, and comprehensive information in the area of drug discovery and development while adding cutting-edge new material on issues like the use of artificial intelligence in medicinal chemistry.

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