Researchers Honored at 13th Annual Authors’ Awards Dinner

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To celebrate an ongoing commitment to high-quality, reliable research, several RTI International and RTI Health Solutions researchers were recognized May 16, 2017, for their published contributions at an RTI sponsored Authors’ Awards dinner. 

RTI has long valued the dissemination of research findings through contributions to peer-reviewed publications. Over the last five years, our researchers have published, on average, over 160 peer-reviewed articles and over 200 research posters per year.

RTI Health Solutions congratulates our awardees and all RTI researchers for their commitment to publication and their uncompromisingly ethical and objective research that ensures results that will hold up to scrutiny.

The RTI Health Solutions awardees, award categories, and criteria are as follows: 

Career Author – Long Term: This award is given to staff members who have accumulated a substantial publication record over their entire careers but have not been previously recognized with a Career Author Award.
Keith L. Davis
Susan L. Hogue

Career Author – Early Career: This award is given to staff members who (a) received their terminal degree within the last 10 years, (b) have a minimum of seven peer-reviewed, authored or co-authored publications and (c) have not previously been recognized with a Career Author – Short Term award. 
Marco Boeri
Joan Forns

Highly Published Author: This award recognizes exceptional publishing in peer-reviewed journals or book chapters on a simple count basis, with no distinction as to whether an individual is at early, mid- or late career. 
Mayank R. Ajmera
Elizabeth B. Andrews
Melissa J. Bell
Marco Boeri
Thor-Henrik Brodtkorb
Stephanie R. Earnshaw
Joan Forns
Jonathan B. Graham
A. Brett Hauber
Susan L. Hogue
Carol Mansfield
Margaret M.
Joshua D. Posner
Christine Poulos
Kenneth J. Rothman
Xiaolei Zhou

Outstanding Paper: This category recognizes papers or presentations that have had a significant impact on policy or a field of research. Papers should be highly creative, usually involving important theoretical or policy insights or complex analytical techniques. Papers/presentations should have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, Congressional testimony, or nationally recognized media. 
A. Brett Hauber

Highly Cited Author: Staff members must submit a listing of their publication(s) thought to meet the minimum 50 citation threshold.
Elizabeth B. Andrews
Brian Calingaert
Jordi Castellsague
Dana B. DiBenedetti
Lynda C. Doward
Sheri E. Fehnel
Alicia W. Gilsenan
Melissa D. Juniper
Josephine A. Mauskopf
Deirdre M.
Susana Perez-Gutthann
Nuria Riera-Guardia
Kenneth J. Rothman
Xiaolei Zhou
Ryan M. Ziemiecki
Laurie Zografos

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