Five Questions with Naoko Ronquest

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Meet researcher Naoko Ronquest, Senior Director in our HE Modeling Program

Please join us in welcoming Naoko Ronquest as she rejoins RTI Health Solutions (RTI-HS) after working with a pharmaceutical company for the past several years. Her experience there included working to respond to an HTA review by ICER in their first use of hēRo3 to evaluate a new product. 

She has returned to RTI-HS as a Senior Director in our Health Economics (HE) Modeling Program and will focus her attention on leading HE modeling projects and participating in RTI-HS’ activities as they pertain to consideration of our research opportunities in Japan.

Upon her return, we asked Naoko a few questions to catch up. Here are her responses.

  1. What attracted you to working again at RTI-HS?
    I had always looked back on my previous experience at RTI-HS with a lot of fondness. RTI-HS has such a supportive professional environment, and colleagues here are extremely smart, collegial, and collaborative. Knowing that our team has a track record in delivering high-quality research outputs was also helpful.
  2. What about your background will be particularly helpful to our clients? 
    I hope my core technical background in pharmacoeconomic modeling, in combination with my experience in conducting a broader range of health outcomes research and applying the results to health technology assessments (HTAs) and market access, will generate strategic perspectives useful to our clients. Given my background in working with large multidisciplinary teams, I aim to provide simple and practical interpretations of complex research outcomes. I also have direct experience in working with HTA bodies, including the US Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), and would love to provide solution-oriented services to clients preparing for US HTAs.   
  3. How has your experience developing and implementing a global HEOR strategy within a pharmaceutical company influenced your life in consulting? 
    I think my industry experience will help me appreciate our clients’ perspectives and see how different research areas can fit together to create a coherent story of evidence. 
  4. What do you think the future holds for US HTAs, such as ICER evaluations? 
    In the past few years, ICER has substantially increased its capacity to handle a larger volume of HTAs, and the evaluation process has been evolving to promote transparent collaboration with multiple stakeholders. Because the concept of value-based pricing is gaining increased traction in the U.S. healthcare system, I expect ICER’s influence will continue to grow. I would also think value-based evidence generation strategies will become increasingly important in the U.S.   
  5. Professionally-speaking, what would you tell your younger self?
    Follow your passion, believe in yourself, keep building trusting professional relationships, and don’t be afraid of trying new things! 
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