Elizabeth Andrews, PhD accepts second appointment on Innovation in Medical Evidence Development, Surveillance Steering Committee

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Elizabeth Andrews, PhD

Elizabeth Andrews, Ph.D., Vice President, Pharmacoepidemiology and Risk Management at RTI Health Solutions has agreed to serve a second term as an academia/research institute representative and vice chair of the Reagan-Udall Foundation, Innovation in Medical Evidence Development and Surveillance (IMEDS) steering committee. 

IMEDS is a public-private partnership within the Reagan-Udall Foundation which was created to advance the science and tools necessary to support post-market evidence generation on regulated pharmaceutical products and medical device products, including safety surveillance and evaluations.

The IMEDS project was launched in April 2013 to build upon the progress made on research methodology by the FDA’s Sentinel Initiative and the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership. Its primary focus is to improve the development and evaluation of methods for drug safety surveillance using healthcare data. 

“It has been exciting to be part of the early stages of IMEDS,” said Dr. Andrews. “Given the constantly evolving nature of observational data, this program addresses the continuous need for measures to help ensure FDA, the pharmaceutical industry and all researchers have access to the most innovative tools to accurately monitor the safety of marketed medical products and devices.”

In her role, Dr. Andrews will continue to work with top leaders in the healthcare and scientific communities to govern the IMEDS program’s research and operations.

Visit the IMEDS website to learn more about the organization.

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