Creating a Successful Global Value Dossier: Webinar Recording

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May 9, 2018

Demonstrate Your Product's Value

You need a global value dossier that effectively presents evidence-based messages and scientific information demonstrating the value that your new pharma or medical device product. What unmet needs does it address? Your research findings and value must be clearly articulated, evidence-driven and tailored to target audiences. 

Proven Strategies

Back by popular demand, this webinar will guide you through the basics of what is involved in creating effective GVDs. Our experts in market access strategy and outcomes strategy will share proven strategies and tactics for reflecting your product’s value in the competitive pharmaceutical and medical device markets. This presentation will provide additional information on local submission adaptation and platforms for communicating GVD evidence.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop information that will demonstrate your product’s value to a variety of stakeholders and assist you in the pharma market access process,
  • Incorporate value messages and supporting evidence into a Global Value Dossier,
  • Follow best practices for successful GVD development,
  • Use a GVD to support the development of local submissions,
  • And choose among the variety of platforms for communicating GVD evidence.
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