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Key Questions Orphan Drug Developers Need to Ask

Understand the challenges and opportunities for supporting pricing and market access of orphan drugs worldwide.


Key PRO Questions Drug Developers Need to Ask

Understand the challenges and opportunities for supporting pricing and market access with Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) data.


Point of Care (POC) Tests: Multiple Routes to Market Access

In many markets, there is no formal route to market access for POC tests. Instead, there are multiple access pathways for various theatres of care (e.g., outpatient office/clinic, inpatient, emergency), with varying requirements and value drivers for POC tests.


Four Keys to Effective Global Value Dossiers

Ensure Rigor


Design Considerations for Surveys to Evaluate Educational Measures

Tips to help you prepare, execute and successfully analyze surveys on educational measures. 


Real World Evidence – New Buzz for an Established Concept

Understanding how the jargon maps to pharmacoepidemiology, health economics, and outcomes research


Q-TWiST At A Glance: What? How? When? Why?

Learn the basics of this statistical approach that can help patients evaluate the trade-off between clinical benefit and treatment toxicity.


Resource Allocation in Health Care Decision Making

Understand how mathematical optimization techniques can be used to make better use of health care dollars.


Real-World Treatment Comparisons: The Power of Propensity Scores

We want to make valid treatment comparisons. The real world, however, is messy. Enter the propensity score.


What You Need to Know About ICER Evaluations

The key to successful collaboration is being able to provide actionable solutions.