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Health Preference Assessment

Our experts have extensive practical experience in developing, administering and analyzing conjoint-analysis and stated-preference surveys. Our studies use rigorous, scientifically valid, state-of-the-art techniques to construct and analyze stated-choice or discrete-choice-experiment surveys, willingness-to-pay or contingent valuation surveys, and conventional and generalized health-state utility surveys.

These studies quantify the effects of health care interventions and outcomes on the satisfaction, utility and behavior of patients, physicians and payers by offering survey subjects several groups of alternatives that describe key characteristics of health care interventions. Subjects then indicate their preferences by ranking, rating or choosing among the various scenarios. Our conjoint-analysis studies quantify the preferences of key stakeholders and provide information on how products and product features influence their stated choices. These insights can provide you with vital information to improve your drug development and marketing decisions. Stated-preference data also have become increasingly relevant for other purposes, including risk-benefit trade-off assessments and outcomes research. For more details of our conjoint-analysis and other health-preference services, please select one of the following:

Overall, stated-preference studies can benefit you in a number of ways. Most importantly, they can save you time and money by providing scientifically valid answers to your questions about stakeholder preferences. These answers, in turn, provide evidence and support for the important decisions you need to make regarding your product.

Depending on your unique needs, the deliverables from your stated-preference study may include:

  • Product differentiation evidence
  • Product value messages
  • Study reports
  • Conference posters and presentations
  • Publications in high-impact journals

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Conjoint analysis has application in a variety of our practice areas, including:


Brett Hauber, PhD
Senior Economist and Vice President, Health Preference Assessment

US: +1.800.262.3011
Spain: +
UK: +44(0)161.232.3400
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