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We offer comprehensive statistical services, so you can make solid decisions based on reliable analyses. Our biostatisticians provide expert insight into the design of studies and analysis of data for many different types of projects. Quite simply, we help you make sense of the data.

Our Expertise

By partnering with us you benefit from our diverse therapeutic experience and understanding of complex analytical methodologies. We work across the spectrum from protocol-specified analyses of clinical trials to analyses of observational data from registries and surveys. We provide specialty services in data analyses for outcomes research, such as health-related quality-of-life (HRQOL) data and health care resource utilization (HCRU) data.

We offer statistical support for exploratory data analyses and help our clients plan and implement hypothesis-driven research. Our clients know that we provide impartial interpretation of their data and results that they can use to guide product development plans. They have confidence in our deliverables when they present our analyses to internal and external stakeholders. We collaborate with our clients on publications in peer-reviewed journals. As an independent research organization we are proud of our reputation for scientific credibility and ethical standards.

Our teams are guided by biostatisticians with more than 10 years experience in pharmaceutical and health-related research. Using innovative analytical techniques including propensity scoring, meta-analysis, sample weighting, survival analysis, and complex modeling techniques, we help our clients develop value messages and successfully commercialize their products.

Related Services

Our expert biostatisticians collaborate on design and analysis of data in many disciplines including:


Elizabeth H Sherrill, MS
Global Head, Biostatistics

US: +1.800.262.3011
Spain: +
UK: +44(0)161.232.3400
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