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As active members of their respective research communities, RTI Health Solutions researchers have published widely in peer-reviewed journals.

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DiBenedetti, D.B., T.M. Coles, T. Sharma, L. Pericleous, and R. Kulkarni. (2014). "Assessing patients' and caregivers' perspectives on stability of factor VIII products for haemophilia A: a web-based study in the United States and Canada." Haemophilia, 20(4):e296-e303.

Haemophilia A is a rare inherited bleeding disorder characterized by an inability of the blood to clot normally. Patients can experience spontaneous or trauma-induced joint and soft tissue bleeding... Full Abstract  »

Yuan, Z., B. Levitan, P. Burton, C. Poulos, A.B. Hauber, and J.A. Berlin. (2014). "Relative importance of benefits and risks associated with antithrombotic therapies for acute coronary syndrome: Patient and physician perspectives." Current Medical Research and Opinion, Advance Online Publication.

Background: In acute coronary syndrome (ACS), antithrombotic therapies prevent thrombotic events, but also increase bleeding risk. Knowledge is limited about how patients and physicians balance... Full Abstract  »

Karve, S., M. Markowitz, D.-.J. Fu, J.-.P. Lindenmayer, C.-.C. Wang, S.D. Candrilli, and L. Alphs. (2014). "Assessing medication adherence and healthcare utilization and cost patterns among hospital-discharged patients with schizoaffective disorder." Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 12(3):335-346.

Background - Hospital-discharged patients with schizoaffective disorder have a high risk of re-hospitalization. However, limited data exist evaluating critical post-discharge periods during which... Full Abstract  »

Ervin, C.M., S.E. Fehnel, M.J. Baird, R.T. Carson, J.M. Johnston, S.J. Shiff, C.B. Kurtz, and A.W. Mangel. (2014). "Assessment of treatment response in chronic constipation clinical trials." Clinical and Experimental Gastroenterology, 7:191-198.

Background: While chronic constipation (CC) clinical trials have focused primarily on bowel symptoms (symptoms directly related to bowel movements), abdominal symptoms are also prevalent among... Full Abstract  »

Karve, S., G. Krishnarajah, J.S. Korsnes, A. Cassidy, and S.D. Candrilli. (2014). "Burden of acute gastroenteritis, norovirus and rotavirus in a managed care population." Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, 10(6).

This study assessed and described the episode rate, duration of illness, and health care utilization and costs associated with acute gastroenteritis (AGE), norovirus gastroenteritis (NVGE), and... Full Abstract  »

Brogan, A.J., E. Smets, J.A. Mauskopf, S.A. Manuel, and I. Adriaenssen. (2014). "Cost effectiveness of darunavir/ritonavir combination antiretroviral therapy for treatment-naive adults with HIV-1 infection in Canada." Pharmacoeconomics, Advance Online Publication.

Objective The AntiRetroviral Therapy with TMC114 ExaMined In naive Subjects (ARTEMIS) clinical trial examined the efficacy and safety of two ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitors (PI/r), darunavir/r... Full Abstract  »

Beard, S.M., B.G. von Scheele, G. Nuki, and I.V. Pearson. (2014). "Cost-effectiveness of febuxostat in chronic gout." European Journal of Health Economics, 15(5):453-463.

Our objective was to evaluate data on the cost-effectiveness of febuxostat compared with standard clinical practice with allopurinol in patients with gout that was presented to the Scottish... Full Abstract  »

Andrews, E.B., C.D. Chambers, N. Moore, and E.B. Andrews. (2014). "Drug safety in pregnancy." In Mann's Pharmacovigilance (3rd ed.):611-624 Chichester, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.

Andrews, E.B., and N. Moore. (2014). "Mann's Pharmacovigilance (3rd ed.)." Chichester, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.

Mann’s Pharmacovigilance is the definitive reference for the science of detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of the adverse effects of medicines, including vaccines and biologics.... Full Abstract  »

Mauskopf, J.. (2014). "Modelling technique, structural assumptions, input parameter values: Which has the most impact on the results of a cost-effectiveness analysis?." Pharmacoeconomics, 32(6):521-523.

Chen, W.-.H., L.D. Mcleod, L.M. Nelson, V.S.L. Williams, and S.E. Fehnel. (2014). "Quantitative challenges facing patient-centered outcomes research." Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research, 14(3):379-386.

Patient-centered outcomes research collects and analyzes data from patients and other stakeholders to improve health care delivery and outcomes and guide health care decisions. However, there are a... Full Abstract  »

Odom, D.M., D.M. Mladsi, K.G. Saag, B.N. Sherif, L. Miles, N. Ronquest, and J. Wang. (2014). "Relationship Between Diclofenac Dose and Risk of Gastrointestinal and Cardiovascular Events: Meta-Regression Based on Two Systematic Literature Reviews." Clinical Therapeutics, 36(6):906-917.

BACKGROUND: NSAIDs are associated with risks of gastrointestinal (GI) and cardiovascular (CV) toxicities. It has been reported that the risks of GI and CV events are dose related, resulting in... Full Abstract  »

Vinceti, M., C. Malagoli, K.J. Rothman, R. Rodolfi, G. Astolfi, E. Calzolari, A. Puccini, M. Bertolotti, M. Lunt, L. Paterlini, M. Martini, and F. Nicolini. (2014). "Risk of birth defects associated with maternal pregestational diabetes." European Journal of Epidemiology, 29(6):411-418.

Maternal diabetes preceding pregnancy may increase the risk of birth defects in the offspring, but not all studies confirm this association, which has shown considerable variation over time, and the... Full Abstract  »

Lubbeke, A., K.J. Rothman, G. Garavaglia, C. Barea, P. Christofilopoulos, R. Stern, and P. Hoffmeyer. (2014). "Strong association between smoking and the risk of revision in a cohort study of patients with metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty." Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 32(6):762-768.

Thus far the ability to predict who will develop early failure following the insertion of a metal-on-metal (MoM) bearing has been very limited. Our objective was to assess the effect of smoking on... Full Abstract  »

Davis, A.E., S. Mehrotra, E.J. McElroy, J.J. Friedewald, A.I. Skaro, B. Lapin, R. Kang, J.L. Holl, M.M. Abecassis, and D.P. Ladner. (2014). "The extent and predictors of waiting time geographic disparity in kidney transplantation in the United States." Transplantation, 97(10):1049-1057.

Background: Waiting time to deceased donor kidney transplant varies greatly across the United States. This variation violates the final rule, a federal mandate, which demands geographic equity in... Full Abstract  »

Murphy Bollinger, J., J.F. Bridges, A. Mohamed, and D. Kaufman. (2014). "Public preferences for the return of research results in genetic research: A conjoint analysis." Genetics in Medicine, Advance Online Publication.

Purpose:Recent policies specifying criteria about which individual research results to return leave considerable discretion to researchers. This study investigated the types of results that the... Full Abstract  »

Brennan, V.K., A.D. Colosia, C. Copley-Merriman, J. Mauskopf, B. Hass, and R. Palencia. (2014). "Incremental costs associated with myocardial infarction and stroke in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: An overview for economic modeling." Journal of Medical Economics, Advance Online Publication.

Objective: To identify cost estimates related to myocardial infarction (MI) or stroke in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) for use in economic models. Methods: A systematic literature... Full Abstract  »

Virkus, A., E. Lokkegaard, O. Lidegaard, J. Langhoff-Ross, A.K. Nielsen, K.J. Rothman, and T. Bergholt. (2014). "Risk factors for venous thromboembolism in 1.3 million pregnancies: A nationwide prospective cohort." PLoS one, 9(5):e96495-.

Objective To quantify risk factors for venous thromboembolism during pregnancy and the puerperal period. Design In a nationwide prospective cohort study we followed pregnant and puerperal women in... Full Abstract  »

Clark, M., C. Simons, E. Haydysch, C. DeMuro, and A. Gnanasakthy. (2014). "A review of patient-reported outcome orphan drug labels in the United States from January 2006-September 2013: Analysis of evidence for orphan drug pro label claims." Value in Health, 17(3):A166-.

Coles, T., C. Coon, C. DeMuro, L. McLeod, and A. Gnanasakthy. (2014). "Psychometric evaluation of the Sheehan Disability Scale in adult patients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder." Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, 10:887-895.

Inattention and impulsivity symptoms are common among adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which can lead to difficulty concentrating, restlessness, difficulty completing... Full Abstract  »

Displaying 1 through 20 of 1738 items.

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